Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RHOVIT platform built on blockchain?

RHOVIT is a hybrid cloud and blockchain platform. Content is stored and distributed through the cloud while the RBIT token runs on the NEM blockchain.

What is the difference between an Rbit Token and a Coin?

Rbits are Mosaic Tokens built atop the NEM platform and as such their value may fluctuate. There is also a limited number of Rbits that can be distributed a year, making them more scarce then a Coin.
Coins are RHOVIT’S in-platform currency that have a set value of $.005. They are only used to view and purchase content. There is also no limit to the amount of Coins that can be “Created”.

What is the purpose of the Rbit Token?

Rbits are used by providers and advertisers on RHOVIT to promote content and incentivize social sharing.

They also provide backing to distribute Coins to users.

Can Users use Rbits on the platform?

RBITs can be used to purchase digital goods such as emoji packs, digital stickers and more.

Will Rbits be able to be exchanged off site?

Our focus right now is on the platform and the RBITS use within it.

Is there a definitive number of Rbits that will be created?

There is a max amount of 4B RBITS created. They will be distributed at 2M a week, meaning it will take over 19 years to fully distribute all the tokens.

Can anyone open up a Provider account on RHOVIT?

RHOVIT is a curated platform but anyone can submit to be a content provider and all accounts are free.

Will it be free to have an account on RHOVIT?

Yes. All acounts are free.

Is there a Whitepaper?

Yes. Just click on the Whitepaper in the navigation header

Is there going to be a public sale?

Yes. We will be announcing it soon.

Are you operating a Private or Public Blockchain?

The transfer of the RBIT token will take place on the public NEM blockchain. However, in the future we will use private chains to run some of our other systems.