RHOVIT is getting a complete a UX/UI overhaul with blockchain integration that will run its ecosystem. Designed as a Progressive Web App, RHOVIT will have the function of a native app without having to sacrifice 30% of Providers profit to the app store.

Cutting edge yet with a familiar feel, the design of RHOVIT eliminates any barrier to entry for non-blockchain enthusiasts.



RHOVIT allows providers to create their own “Zones” to SELL, RENT or STREAM...

The Rhovit Hybrid Difference

Activity Score Page Sketch

  • Providers on RHOVIT not only earn Coins for their content but each week they earn a portion of all the Rbits mined on the site.

  • The Activity Score page breaks down their score and their earnings

Increase Score Page Sketch

  • At first there will be two main ways providers can promote themselves and earn more points.
  • Sponsored Shares encourages a Provider’s fans to share promoted posts on social media.
  • RHOVIT Promotion is a direct ad to a users dash. Users are given a choice of 2 promos to watch. The success rate measures the percentage of times a particular providers promos was chosen.

Fans Page

  • Fans are broken down by who is contributing most to a Provider’s Activity Score.

  • Providers can easily reward their fans by sending them a badge, discount or message.

RHOVIT 1.O was built in 2012 and is the framework for RHOVIT 2.0.

We’ve loaded limited content on the site for you to demo. If you would like access to the provider backend please contact us at howdy@rhovit.com with subject line: “Request for Provider Access”

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