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RHOVIT utilizes both cloud and blockchain technologies to create an easy to use, highly scalable platform.

RHOVIT allows providers to create their own “Zones” to SELL, RENT or STREAM...


Earn & Spend

Circular Ecosystem

Hybrid Technology

The Rbit Token is used by RHOVIT providers and advertisers to incentivize users to watch and share their content.

Rbits also provide the backbone for RHOVIT’S circular economy by “valuing” users transactions on the site and using those transactions to mine Rbits.

The mined Rbits are then distributed out to the content provider community and used as backing to distribute RHOVIT’S in-house currency, “Coins” to the user community so they can purchase more content.

Problems Within The Current State of Digital Media Monetization

Ad Based

  • 600M Ad Blockers downloaded

  • Estimated 90% of people skip ads

  • Lack of incentives for Users to watch ads


  • High Platform Fees

  • High Middleman Fees

  • Loss of control of content and pricing


  • Billions lost in revenue a year

  • Increasingly easier to Pirate

  • No incentives on platforms for users NOT to pirate content

Enter a Blockchain Based Ecosystem

Transparent, open economy that generates value from users actions and distributes it to the community.


Open post, easy to use site that gives content creators complete control over their products and pricing.


Crypto Asset that can be mined according to activity on the site and used to keep incentives and spending flowing.


Stable priced currency that can be accepted for payment while allowing an easy gateway to the platform for non-crypto enthusiasts.

What if...sites like iTunes, Steam or Amazon used transactions to create value for their communities? You would create a perpetual engine feeding both users and providers, allowing both sides to prosper and not just the platform.

The Circular Economy at work...

Create. Recycle. Repeat.

Mining Rbits

The amount of Rbits distributed is determined by Users completing "Value" transactions on the RHOVIT platform. A value transaction is anytime a Coin or Rbit is given or earned. For every set amount of value transactions completed 1 Rbit can be distributed out to the community with a max limit allowed a week.

Provider Distribution

Each week 60% of the distributed Rbits go to Content Providers based on their "Activity Score" for the week.

​A Provider's Activity Score is based on Coins spent on their products as well as number of other value transactions their products garnered.

​The Rbits Providers receive are split into two wallets. Wallet A is theirs to save or exchange off site for other crypto-currencies or fiat money. Wallet B is for investment back into the community and is used to promote their products and incentivize their users.

User Distribution

40% of the Rbits distributed each week are put into a User Pool. Based on the market cap of the pool, RHOVIT will distribute up to 20% of that value in Coins out to Users. Users receive their portion of Coins based on their activity score.

A User's score is based on Coins spent on products as well as total number of other transactions completed.

Once a month the User Pool will have a "Watershed". All the Rbits contained in the User Pool at the end of the month will be distributed out to Users based on their "Monthly Activity Score."


The amount of Value Transactions needed to distribute 1 Rbit will increase as the user base increases.

Higher use of the token by a larger community should drive value, compensating for less tokens received as RHOVIT grows.

Rbit Token Details

TOTAL TOKENS: 4,000,000,000
DISTRIBUTED ON RHOVIT: 2,000,000,000 *MAX 2,000,000 weekly
TOKEN SALE: 1,500,000,000

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